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blueIce README

Postby 209studios » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:08 am

This skin was tested on php version of phpVMS and will not work with sites that use .tpl.

Installing and Activating

Unzip the package. Upload the lib folder to your phpVMS installation directory.
This template has a no hub pilots list. You will need to add the Pilots module that is included in the download. Just upload the core folder to
your phpVMS installation directory. (back up your Pilots Module before uploading the included file)

Change the skin in the Site settings in your phpVMS admin.


You will need to change the width and height of the map on the from page. Open core/local.config.php

Change youe google map setting to match the below settings.

Code: Select all

# Google Map Options
Config::Set('MAP_WIDTH', '600px');
Config::Set('MAP_HEIGHT', '600px');

You will need to add the MODS that are installed on the demo. Open the folder in the skin download titled 3rd Party MODS.
All MODS need to be installed to have this skin work without any errors.
I have removed all the template files, as they are already installed on the skin, and they will be overwritten if installed.

If you want the Pilots list without the hubs, just uoload the core folder. ( Only do so if you have no edits to the Pilots Module)

Airmail will require you to upload the sql to your database.

Social Media Icons

I have included all the plane icons if you need to add more. From the skins download folder open xtras folder.

Templates that you may want to edit, to your liking.

core_navigation.php - Add links to your menu.
Join.php - Set your own Airlines rules.
frontpage_main.php - Line 126, change the date of when your Airline opened. - countup(2016,09,01)
Do the same for line 123.
Line 176 change the url to match your VA Central URL. - $xml = $cws->get('');
Line 190-192 add or remove to your liking for supported simulators.
Line 328-331 add or remove to your liking for social media icons.

Downloads MOD

This mod will give you a better looking download page, seperated by categories. When done with adding a category, go to your phpmyadmin and get the cat ID of the category, than add it to your navigation menu.
<li><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL ?>/index.php/MyDownloads/get_category_downloads/1">FSX Planes</a></li>

You will need to add some code to two data classes.

Add the following code below to core/common/TouchdownStatsData.class

Code: Select all

public static function get_stats_by_cur_month($howmany) {
                         $query = "SELECT pilotid, code, flightnum, depicao, arricao, aircraft, landingrate, submitdate FROM `".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps`
                                                                 WHERE landingrate < '0'
                                         AND MONTH(submitdate)=MONTH(now())
                                         AND YEAR(submitdate)=YEAR(now())
                                         ORDER BY landingrate DESC
                                         LIMIT $howmany";
         return DB::get_results($query);

Add the following code below to core/common/StatsData.class

Code: Select all

public static function TotalPilotMiles($pilotid)
  $key = 'total_miles';
  $key .= '_'.$pilotid;

  $total = CodonCache::read($key);

  if($total === false)
   $total = 0;
   $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE pilotid='$pilotid' AND accepted=1";
   $results = DB::get_results($sql);
   if($results) { foreach($results as $result) { $total += $result->distance; } }
   CodonCache::write($key, $total, '15minute');
  return $total;

Important Information

Table Class - blueIce_table
Button Class - blueIce-button
Font Awesome Icons -

When asking for help please indicate your Site URL, phpVMS version aswell as your php version. To get your php version open the phpinfo.php link. Replace your with your actual domain.

Keep the link to my site and phpVMS in the footer. All support will be ignored if links are missing.

If you use this skin, send me an email with your URL and I will post your link on this skins download page. Send it to

This is a free template. Instead of charging for the template, I decided to make it free and only charge if needed a different color for this template.
If you wish for me to change the color scheme, I will for $10.
If you need the color changed you can contact me at or skype (eddie-baker)

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